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Thread: Myrmidons - homebrew codex marines plog

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    Myrmidons - homebrew codex marines plog

    Hello all,

    As the title says, I’ve decided to put together a codex marine chapter called the Myrmidons. Having spent most of this year painting saurus for my Lizardmen army, I need a break from painting rank and file for WFB. I had a russle about in my bits box and found the old 3rd edition tactical marines sprues, so I put together a combat squad (all that was left having used the rest for base decoration for my Eldar).

    I haven’t painted a space marine army since my very first foray into 2nd ed 40k around ‘91/92 – so I have a lot of very ancient space wolves in a loft somewhere. With all that in mind this is also going to be an army based almost (but not entirely) around the look of models/fluff rather than their table top efficacy. Fantasy is my main game, so I’m looking forward to just painting these models for fun rather than worrying about what’s most efficient blah blah blah as I don’t play that much 40k, only a couple of times a year.

    So, the chapter themselves. They are called the Myrmidons and are themed around the characters/events of Homer’s Iliad (the siege of Troy). I’m in the process of sorting out some fluff for them – but suffice to say they are a chapter of warrior philosophers and aesthetes, concerned with winning their opponents over to the Imperial Creed with words as much as with bolter shells. They prefer close ranged combat (not assault), using phalanxes of bolter armed tactical marines and terminators in a fully mechanised assault.

    I originally was going to do more modelling around the Ancient Greek theme, but having seen a lot of Spartan/300 themed marines which I didn't like I’m going to stick with being as codex and vanilla as possible and restrain the visual element of the theme to just the chapter logo, which is a silhouette of a Greek helmet (will include below at some point).

    The one thing I haven’t decided yet is which primarch they are successor to. It can’t be Guilliman, as my lifelong gaming buddy has a 20 year collection of Ultras which I’ve been fighting since the aforementioned Space Wolves were started, and therefore I cannot bring myself to join them! I was thinking of Dorn, but he comes across like a bit of d1ck in the fluff. I don’t know much about the other loyalists primarchs to be honest, so if anyone has any suggestions I’ll gladly hear it.

    The models I currently have scrabbled together are:

    AOBR Captain
    Command Squad
    1 x 10 man (AOBR) tactical
    1 x 5 man tactical
    AOBR Dreadnought

    6 AOBR terminators (with assault cannon added)
    Terminator Librarian (Space Hulk)
    10 Terminators w/HF and assault cannon (Space Hulk)
    Landspeeder Storm
    Scout squad

    Chaplain in power armour

    Green is painted, Orange started, Red unstarted.

    So, without further ado, here is what I have done so far:

    The first half of Tactical Squad 1:

    The complete Tactical Squad 2:

    And detail shots:

    Will post some pics of the dread later. All C&C is much appreciated!

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