Through numerous conversations with Jes on the topic, I know that he envisages three styles of eldar 'runography'. There may be examples of all three in his artbook 'The Gothic and the Eldritch', I can't recall.

The first is the highly formal, linear style that most are familiar with. Each is a strong word-concept like an Aspect, craftworld and so on.

The second are the cartouche-style pictographic plates with a much more cursive feel. These are familial titles, names of starships and titans (as noted earlier), and so on, and convey a large amount of information in a relatively small space.

The third is interconnected lines of runes, either angular or cursive, which are the closest thing to normal writing that they have. There was quite a lot of this style used in the graphics of the 3rd ed skinnydex.

I've played about with the idea of runes and their presentation at the start of Path of the Seer when Thirianna is still a poet, creating 3-d verses that loop about on themselves, the runes constructed in such a way that they have different meanings depending on the angle from which they are viewed - a more complex version of the third category. Quite how that might work in practical terms I have no idea, but it sounds eldary and cool!



P.S. As for how much of an ice maiden Thirianna is, you'll have to read the novel