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Thread: Tanith First & Only, Eisenhorn Project - 30 cm/1' Figures

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    Tanith First & Only, Eisenhorn Project - 30 cm/1' Figures

    Hi everyone, guess this is kinda weird, posting in this here project log with two figures that are done :P
    But the project is still underway, so I guess it's ok!

    Anyway, the explanation:
    Doing a project, at the university, where one creates something creative, it has to have something to do with games (I study computer graphics for games)
    So, hell, I thought, why not make Marquettes of some of Dan Abnetts famous characters, and then model them in zBrush and whatnot. Get that fictive Warhammer 40 000 license to work on!

    The interesting part for you guys is, of course, the marquette bit. Less talk, more pictures, here are Oan Mkoll and Colm Corbec from Tanith First & Only Fame, standing 30 cm/1' tall.
    They turned out kinda ok I'd say, we're not 100% pleased with them but pleased enough!

    We've really tried to keep this as canon as possible, of course we've read all the books (great stuff!) but for the project, we went back, re-read parts and post'it every page with a critical detail. We believe every single detail about these characeters are in the pieces :P If not, do tell!

    Both of 'em.

    They're up on Coolminiornot too!

    Update: Here's Kara Swole and Tona Criid!

    Feel free to rate 'em!

    /Mange & Viggo
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