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Thread: WarSeer MP&T "How To..Tutorials..etc" links. Check before you post a question thread

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    WarSeer MP&T "How To..Tutorials..etc" links. Check before you post a question thread

    This thread is intended to collect the wealth of knowledge that you guys, the users, can provide.

    It was first started by Pertinax (the Great Polar Bear of Bergen). Sadly Pertinax has stepped on an ice-floe and not been seen in several years.

    There are many people who look at this forum, and ask themselves "how do I do that?", or "where do I start?" I know I have from time to time. And these questions get asked and answered. But then after a while, a new user thinks the same questions, and asks the questions again.

    So what we hope to do here is to collect painting threads with the theme "How to...", and make them visible for all to see.

    Please, if you see a great tutorial, send me a PM and I will add it to the list.

    Index so far:
    W40K vehicles' sizes. Making a Summary
    W40k scale BFG anyone? How to build a 40K sized BFG vessel.
    Advice - If you could teach a beginner painter one thing. General commentary
    Advice - Painting advice and advanced techniques
    Advice - Painting scaled red: Part 1 and part 2
    Advice - Razza's guide to NMM
    Advice - Ultimate Painting Guide - Discussion
    Advice - Ultimate Painting Guide - 1 Shading
    Airbrush - A very basic guide to airbrushing
    Airbrush Mega Thread
    Airbrush Purchasing Tips
    Bases - A Guide to Good Looking Bases
    Bases - Making Resin Bases
    Barbed Wire - Create your own tutorial
    Converting - Complete Video Guide to Converting BFSP Chaos Dwarfs
    Converting - Custom Lightning claws
    Converting - StuG-Leman Russ Conversion Guide
    Converting - Scorpion MkIa Attack Quad Conversion
    Cleaning - Model Cleaning Products
    Cleaning - Simple Green
    Cleaning your brushes
    Defeating Forge World Mould Release Agents
    DIY Trees and Hedges
    Dremel use
    Eavy Metal Painting Standards
    Greeentuff casting of details
    Hairspray Paint Chipping Tutorial
    How to build wire foam cutter w/ pics
    Imperial Guard Paint Scheme Thread
    Marble Painting Tutorial See post #51 and #52
    Marine - Hinged Space Marine Rhino doors
    Marine - Repositioning power armour legs
    Marine - Sourcing-SM-special-and-combi-weapons
    Marine - Truescale Marines
    Marine - Truescale Marines - A Treatise on Space Marine True Scale and Proportions
    Marine - Truescale Terminator TutorialMagnets - Magnetic Flying bases
    Marine - Bob Hunk's LED-lit Marines Tutorial How to insert LED lights into Truescale Space Marines
    Magnets - Magnetizing Tanks - Fully Magnetized Predator 2! This time with tutorial!
    Magnets - Magnetizing Aircraft and Sentinels - Elysian Drop Troops Painting Log Also has tutorial on how to build Sentry Guns from bits.
    Magnets - Magnetised Chimera - Pictures Inside!
    Magnets - Magnetised Ork Trukk - GorkaMorka - Pictures Inside!
    Magnets - Magnetised Valkyrie - Pictures Inside!
    Magnets - Magnetised Imperial Guard Troops - Pictures Inside!
    Magnets -Where to get magnets?
    Modelling Ig Veterans
    Photography - Taking Photos
    Photography - Elfs comprehensive HOW TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF MINIATURES AT THE HOME
    Photography - Posting Pictures
    Pinning With photos
    Pinning Tutorial and video
    Plasticard Conversions - How to do plasicard stuff
    Resin Guide
    Rust Tutorial - Realistic Rusty warriors using pigments (could be marines or anything)
    Rust Effects Tutorial - for tanks and armour
    Salt Weather Tutorial With photos New 6 Nov 18
    Scratch Building - BFG Ships - In Space no one can hear you scratch build
    Scratch Building - Scratch built CardboaBrass Scorpion
    Scratch Building - Scratch built Cardboard Thunderhawk
    Scratch Building - Scratch built Chaos Reaver Titan
    Scratch Building - Scratchbuilt Eldar superheavy transport - Pegasus
    Scratch Building - Scratch built Mark I Land Raiders
    Sculpting guide
    Sculpting Loincloths
    Sculpting - Tyranids Bugs and sculpts for all
    Stripping Paint
    Stripping Paint - Stripping paint without Simple Green
    Supplies - A guide to being cheap on modelling supplies
    Supplies - Where can I buy modeling supplies? - links to stores, online retailers, etc. Lists by Sai-Lauren, cthorpe, and others.
    Terrain Making - Terrain Tutorial Photo Tutorial - Advanced "realistic" Terrain making, by Anvils Hammer.
    Varnish Issues
    Washes - More Fun with Washes
    Water-slide Transfer Help
    Weathering - A Guide to Painting and Weathering tanks
    Weathering - Desert Weathering on Vehicles
    Weathering - Rust Effect Tutorial

    And then those threads that are great but not focused on one aspect, instead have many ideas and suggestions:
    The Imperial Guard Tread-Head
    Imperial Guard Foot Soldier Thread
    The Vostroyan Thread

    That Awesome Project Log You Cannot Seem to Find Anymore.
    You remember seeing this fantastic log that where an entire unit/army had been finished and you cannot find it anymore. Please check out our Hall of Heroes. This is where we have been sending those completed special painting logs to prevent them dropping into the murky depths of page 10+ within the Painting Logs. Have a completed log that you feel should be added to this forum, send me a PM and the staff will review it for possible inclusion. Once added to the Hall there is no more posting, but it is a far smaller area to search and should make for interesting browsing.

    Contributing threads.
    Please feel free to get in touch with me (Captain Brown) about threads that you feel should be included. These threads can be anything from basic dry-brushing advice, to advanced terrain building, or non-metallic painting. Tell us about them, and we'll have a look and, hopefully, put them into this index.

    Posting a Question in MP&T
    Obviously if one of the subjects you are looking for is not in this list, or the search function has not helped (remember to use the lower search function between New Posts and Quick Links) please make sure to add a question mark at the end of your thread title, so members know you are looking for advice on what sort of figure to use to represent XXXXX or replace YYYYYY...that way you will get useful responses rather than: "Awh...I thought this thread would have a cool picture?"

    Thanks to everybody. And especially to those who have taken the time to write some constructive and helpful threads about how they do things.
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