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    Arrow Stone Cold - Ice World Terrain

    Greetings fellow Warseers! Couldn't resist the Hammerfall reference in the thread title...

    This log will record my attempt at making an ice world terrain set for Warhammer 40K. Very fitting considering our lovely Swedish weather at the moment:

    The background

    My main inspiration for this project comes from the battle report “Cold Steel” in White Dwarf 231 (April 1999 - yes, a long time ago).

    As I browsed some of my old WD’s a while ago I found myself having to stop at this issue and re-read the battle report. The battle saw the Ultramarines take on hive fleet Behemoth in a refight of the Tyranid attack on the polar fortresses on Macragge during the first Tyrannic War. The Marines lost the battle report, so it went against the historical events a bit. Nevertheless, it was a good read and I suddenly knew I wanted some ice world terrain of my own!

    The terrain used in the battle report can also be seen in the 3rd edition WH40K rulebook on the inside of the cover and pages 30, 211, 217 and 218.

    After a lot of pondering I made the decision to start gathering materials and tools for the project. During this time I also looked up material on the web about ice and snow terrain making. I picked up some good ideas from these sources:

    • This clip on making ice world terrain on Youtube provides useful techniques when making ice features.
    • The Space Wolves terrain feature on GW’s site gave me some tips on painting a snow board.

    The plan

    My board will measure 120 x 240 cm (consisting of four 50 mm thick 120 x 60 cm styrofoam sheets).

    The board in WD 231 had snow drifts, ice floes, ice crystal formations, an icy river and a research station (and some other fortifications). So based on this I plan to make the following terrain features (the numbers may change over time):

    • 4 ice crystal patches. FINISHED
    • 2 snow drifts. FINISHED
    • 2 formations of ice blocks/floes. FINISHED
    • 1 river measuring 120 cm (across the board). The river consists of four sections (30 cm each). FINISHED
    • 1 mammoth skeleton FINISHED
    • 2 gun emplacements FINISHED
    • Research station FINISHED
    • 2 patches of coniferous trees FINISHED
    • 5 defence lines/fortifications FINISHED
    • Imperial Guard Command Tower (GW Card building)FINISHED

    • Pink styrofoam 50 mm thick (mainly for the ice crystals)
    • White styrofoam 50 mm thick (four sheets of these will be used as the board itself)
    • White styrofoam 20 and 10 mm thick (for ice and snow drifts)
    • Hardboard 3,2 mm thick (for the bases of the terrain pieces)
    • Snow flock
    • Water effect
    • Paint (various blue shades and white)
    • Paint texture powder

    • Sharp knife
    • Electric foam cutter
    • Saw
    • Paintbrushes
    • Hot glue gun
    • PVA glue
    • Paint roller

    Where to begin?

    I've already collected all the materials and tools for my project (I think), so all I have to do now is find some time to start building! I'll start with painting the board itself as soon as I can make some room in the garage. Meanwhile I've begun some work on the ice crystals:

    ************************************************** ************************************************

    Pictures of the finished board:


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