Unlike many people I've gone against the flow and decided to keep going with my old Dark Eldar army

I've had Dark Eldar since they first came out, but never really got very far with it. It did mean I had a stack of stuff already to add the new toys too. This means I'm also trying to redeem older models and doing a lot more mixing and matching between old and new than I've seen anyone else do so far.

My old Dark Eldar army was all done in a purple scheme and I'm carrying over that colour to the Warriors side of the army. The warriors are waiting on basing.

I never had wyches before, but inspired by some of the insect like schemes I've seen around my wyches go all the way up to yellow.

I haven't decided on the name for the Wych cult yet, but I strongly suspect Flames may play a part in it based on the current scheme.

The Wyches are almost done.