hello all. Ive recently read the vampire wars omnibus and thru it all ive been wondering, why doesnt the empire burn thier dead? It seems like any vampire who wants to have a go invading the empire just snaps their fingers and gets a instant army.

I mean id understand you wouldnt change your practices after one or two times but after the 10th or so undead invasion using the same bodies you kind of think they would change. I understand that they cant cremate everything, especially if they lose a battle or have a plague or something like that but some effort would be nice.

At first I thought it was a religous thing. Like maybe in a previous story it was established that sigmar was against cremation but then *spoiler* the knights of one order or another (not white wolves) at the end of the story burned their dead.

Is there a fluff reason why the empire doesnt institute cremation? Are undead getting the "skaven" treatment, where its officially acknowledged that they dont exist so theres no reason to cremate?

Anyway just something thats been bugging me.