Hello again, my fellow empire players. I am making a campaign for Fantasy. The place has changed, though as alot of my friends dropped out of the game altogether (quiters!) and it is down to me, my friend Doug, and my little brother. I will be playing Empire, considering that anything Zombie-related in warhammer is now Nerfed. Its not that I don't like Empire, I just like Zombies alot more.

Either way, my friend Doug is playing skaven, and we have been thinking up ways to play a campaign on a smaller scale. The inspiration finally came to me when Doug showed me a page in his Skaven army book where there was an empire town with a huge network of Skaven mines and cities right beneath it. We decided it would be a cool way to A) motivate us to collect at least one full army and B) create some characterful backround for our armies.

I left Doug with the task of naming his skaven leader, while I picked a city from somewhere in the Empire to field my army from. I was looking at the different provinces and what information I could find on their time in the Skaven Wars, when I found this little nugget on Lexicanum:


If you look at the list of Provinces, there is a "Grand Barony of Sudenland" whose capital is the town of pfieldorf. I looked at my copy of Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire, and found that same city in the province of Wissenland.

So, I am basically wondering what happened to Sudenland? Is it just an outdated piece of information, or was Sudenland overrun, or did GW just change its name to Wissenland?

Thanks for any help in advance,