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Thread: Dark Eldar Second Wave

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    Dark Eldar Second Wave

    Advance orders for the Beastmaster, the Beasts and the Succubus are up: yle=

    Here are the Pics:

    Confirmation from Frgt/10, looks like Hastings was wrong for once:

    Quote Originally Posted by Frgt/10 View Post
    Time to un-debunk/make people remember it then:

    The next DE metals are 100% coming in March.
    I know you all tend to believe Hastings over me but I've had this confirmed numerous times now.
    They will be released week 3 of march and it consists of a succubus, beastmaster, and all the beasts. All metal blisters.
    Here is a list of what Hastings has confirmed.
    Plastic Kits
    Talos and Cronos box.
    Voidraven and "other aircraft" box (I'm assuming the Razorwing).

    Metal Blisters
    Clawed Fiends.
    Razorwing Flocks.

    Edit: Some bad news on the Wracks, I assume these are part of this wave though this isn't confirmed.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Voice View Post
    The Wracks are metal

    This is The Truth
    Some recent rumours from Hastings (Thus news and not rumours ) posted in the Grey Knight thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69 View Post
    IIRC more DE (Talos & Cronos plastic kit, plastic Venom, plastic Voidraven & other aircraft kit, plastic Scourges, plus quite a few metal kits )are due out before GK, so later than that (Edit: Meaning after March, so I assume April).
    There you go, enjoy.
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