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Thread: Getting to know your army and general. Please join in (take 2!)

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    Getting to know your army and general. Please join in (take 2!)

    Since the original thread was lost (I'm real sorry for you guys who were doing The Council, you lost loads of great work), I thought I'd re-start it with my own character. Just fill in this little form to join in.

    (note: I've tried to make it as close to the original thing as possible)

    Army Name:





    General opinion of:



    Orcs and Goblins:



    High Elves:

    Dark Elves:

    Wood Elves:


    Chaos dwarfs:

    EDIT: To avoid double posting, I'll put my character in this post. Should give an example of how to fill it in too.

    Army Name: Clan Rictus

    General: Warlord Crittrik

    Race: Skaven

    Quotes:"We are the master race-race! We shall rise-rise from beneath and claim what is rightfully ours-ours, and we shall show who holds-holds the true power. It is not-not the lizardthings, who hold the power of the sun. It is not-not the Elfthings, who have the power of magic. It is not-not the ogres, who have the advantage of size. It is not-not the Things, who have the power of mutation. It is us-us! We are the skaven, we are the horde-horde, we are Clan Rictus, and WE SHALL INHERIT!" *
    *Speech stolen and modified from Jakcety on the Underempire

    Background: Crittrik is a warlord in the service of Kratch Doomclaw, master of Clan Rictus. He first joined the clan when Clan Deathknell, his original clan, was attacked by a superior force from Clan Rictus. Warlord Crittrik, then called Fangleader Crittrik,slew the warlord of Clan Deathknell from behind and brought his head to the enemies on his own sword. He managed to ingratiate himself into Clan Rictus, and after only a short while rose to the rank of under-warlord, one of many who were second only to Lord Doomclaw.

    After the storm of chaos had mostly blown over, he was sent with an army to Zundap, as an ambassador to Grey Seer Stakkin. He remains there now, ruling over his own part of the undercity, fighting for the True Overempire against other warring skaven factions.

    General opinion of:

    Skaven: We are-are the master race! We shall Inherit!

    Empire: Fool-fool can they hope to stand against us if they deny our existence?

    Orcs and Goblins: Greenthings make a tough fight and bad slaves.

    Ogres: Same-same as greenthings. But you can make-make many warptokens selling them to Moulder.

    Lizardmen: I have never fought-fought the lizardthings. They are Pestilens' concern, not mine.

    High Elves: Elfthings are too few-few in number to stand against us.

    Dark Elves: Same-same as elfthings, without fool-fool concepts of this, no-bi-it-y?

    Dwarfs: Make bad slaves...But wont disturb you if you don't disturb them.

    Wood Elves: Hide-hide in their forests like cowards. Feed-feed their precious trees to the furnaces of the underempire!

    Chaos: The Things are dangerous...Leave fighting them to the manthings or other skaven...

    Chaos dwarfs: Same-same as dwarfthings...
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