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Thread: World edge mountainīs earthquakes

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    Re: World edge mountainīs earthquakes

    Quote Originally Posted by kramplarv View Post
    personally: I don't care who it was. The important thing is that the dwarf empire were torn apart.
    You sadistic bastard!

    You wouldn't happen to play elves, would you?

    You better reach a conclusion in this thread, guys. I want to know who's head to bash in to settle this grudge!
    It seems mildly odd that the Slann wobble the world's edge mountains around like a plate of pudding but their core believe ( mazdamundi in particular ) is the dwarfs should stay in the mountains. "You buggers should stay in the mountains. Do as we tell y - PUDDING WOBBLE ATTACK!" I guess they really are coldblooded that they don't really care.
    They should do these magic tricks to the actual bad guys ;0 ( Or to the elves. Would be funny.. )

    Currently the official canon is that the Slann or Lord quex specifically, wobbled about the continents with their realignment. The Skaven fired their magical machine which used as much warpstone as they could find IIRC. It misfired ( wouldn't be the last time skaven tech went wrong ) although partially worked. This magical blast through the roots of the mountains worsened the effect the slann realignment had on the worlds' edge mountains. They had already undergone mystical upheaval so this blast of magic made it all go screwey.

    Personally I finnd the time of woes and resulting goblin wars to be the biggest shame to fall upon warhammer history.
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