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Thread: World edge mountainīs earthquakes

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    Re: World edge mountainīs earthquakes

    I'm going with the ''Skaven made it worse, but it wouldn't have been possible without the Slann messing it up in the first place''-version. We don't know who did the worst of it but we do know that both races consider it to have caused the devastation, hence they can both be said to be serious offenders. Just a magical explosion or some slight magical upheaval wouldn't be enough and neither race knows that the other was up to something as well. It's not a case of ''I was just playing in the box and then Quexy came and realigned my sand empire!'' or vice versa.

    It wouldn't go down well with me if one race had done it, particularily if it was the Skaven, and the Slann should only be able to do that kind of damage through long and exhausting concentration. This because I dislike ''we could win if we wanted to but *plot reason here/willing suspension of disbelief* prevents us''-situations.
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    I just wish skaven had something "heavy hitter"-ish.

    1000 year-old lords of the walking dead? Chosen avatars of the dark gods leading horrible creatures from another dimension? Ancient members of the civilization who created the very world upon which we wage our wars? Bah! We're skittish mutant rats. We've got a bell. And we're going to ring it till your ears hurt bleed. Bitches.

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