Hi everone

After seeing Mig Necromunda gang


It inspired to make a gang & start playing Necromunda. The only problems are, I never played Necromunda for the past 9 years I been into this hobby... that pretty much gose for all specil games (apart from BloodBowl).

So I thought I would get into Necromunda & make a gang as a side project among my many 40k armies. But I reach another problem "What gang to do???"

I will be converting my gang to look like ex-Guards man/Desertors (sp) Guards men. So pretty much what you thing Guard be like in Necromunda world.

Just any idear on what gang house would fit with this theme or if you lot could give me a list of strength & weakness of all the gangs. Also yes I downloads the rules & all that stuff.

Thanks for your time & help in advance.