You know, back in 3rd edition, each Codex explicitly stated that you could only use what was modelled on your models. It was model-centric.

Now, how many times do you see people saying, "oh he's holding a plasma pistol but that's really a bolt pistol because I didn't have the points" or "I'm experimenting so these guys have power weapons even though it looks like chainswords." Really? Experimenting every game?

And then, not to mention the number of unpainted armies of plastic and metal.

Look, this ain't a computer game. You don't get to switch up on a whim.

These are models, and once you model them, they're finished. You're supposed to love them, and make due with them, and maybe move them around different squads but respect them as people.

But people are treating these guys as half-baked clones..."oh, I'm not going to ever finish modelling and painting them because I want to be able to say that they are taking different options depending on different games."

I think those rules need to come back, and people need to learn patience and the abilitiy to make due with what they have, instead of going on a neverending quest to find the formula that will beat everything.

It's about the models, beautiful and finished, WITH THE MATTE (or gloss) FINISH. Complete them. Love them. And then, AND ONLY THEN, fight with them.