Hey Guys,

I am busy umming and ahhing about 40k again, and looking to start an army. I considered eldar greatly last year, but that phase has passed.

Now I am considerig if its possible to build a tyranid army, with only genestealers. The reasons for this are fluff based, I want to make a themed army of a vanguard brood that has infiltrated a planet and summoned the main fleet, and is now calling in the others.

I think I could make it purely lictors and genestealers, obviously using the ymargl special squad to give me some boost.

So FOC wize is it possible, it is going to survive in a battle? I know genestealers are good in CC. Would it be too much of an aliens rip off if I put in the old style hive tyrant as my other HQ (brood lord as the other) and painted my dudes with shiny black armour...?