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Thread: Tomorrow's War meets Battletech (in 15mm scale)

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    Tomorrow's War meets Battletech (in larger N-scale)

    Tomorrow's War meets Battletech. I am trying to achieve playing Ambush Alley's Tomorrow's War with Battletech based technology and units in 15mm. Tomorrow's War will be re-released in fall of 2011 by Osprey Publishing. I am in need of an army to playtest and didn't know what to use until I stumbled over an old trailer for "Mechwarrior" on youtube . I checked around the net and found that most wizkids Dark Age minis would be suitable to be used with 15mm pewter figs of other source. So I decided to try converting Tomorrow's War rules in a way to resemble Classic Battletech technology and weapons. It will require a hell of a lot testing, but that's what I gotta do for Tomorrow's War anyway.

    By the way, Tomorrow's War is basicly the same like Force-On-Force (see my signature for a link to the FoF related warseer thread), but with a few extras to make it Sci-Fi (robots, laser, particle weapons etc.) You can play those rules in any scale, with any model you wish, using whatever background universe you fancy. For myself I chose Battletech.

    The first miniatures I have finished are the below shown troops in "Ravager" Battle Armor (=power armor) and a medium Mech "Targe" (=walker, medium vehicle). The pewter miniature is something in between as it is labelled as being 18mm (which it is exactly, without taking the base into account) and shown for scale.

    The troops will be for my version of the 3rd Crucis Lancers, using 15mm miniatures of different origin for regular line troops, Mechs from various sources (mostly old toys or action figures) that will be tall enough to look good with 15mm pewter figs and some old Mechwarrior Dark Age pre-paints that will get a new dress.

    More pictures, scale comparisons and WIP shots can be found in my blog.

    Another one of the first units for my Battletech/Tomorrow's War cross-over :

    House Kuritas very own heavy Battle Armor, type "Kanazuchi" (japanese for "Hammer") and another medium Mech "Targe". All of these are re-based and re-painted former wizkids Mechwarrior Dark Age minis.
    They are supposed to act as 8th Dieron Regulars.

    More pics and WIP shots can always be found in my Blog.

    I am going to add a lot more units over time, to include regular infantry, tanks, flyers, grav-tanks, "unseen" mechs etc.

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