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It's funny considering the Abomination and the novels; in skavenslayer it is said that a particularly ravenous pack of Giant Rats is the best invention that Clan Moulder has ever come up with, yet, Giant Rats vs Abomination, HMM, let me think about that one!!

Also Grey Seer has an Abomination in it. Now a Clan Moulder HPA, but one that is created/attracted to Wormstone. Maybe that generated a second branch of Abomination for the Skaven armies...
Well, to be fair, those rats were a potentially bigger threat to the general human populace than an Abomination, which is rather specifically employed in battle, whereas the rats can destabilize an entire city or province.

It's kinda like comparing the Flu to terrorist attacks: Both things can potentially kill you, though one is a threat that is widespread and continuous, whereas the other is highly circumstantial.

The creature in Grey Seer didn't seem like a true Abomination, merely a highly abnormal rat-beast,
, so I think it's a different kettle of fish.