I don't wanna discuss here what tweaks the current Eldar units could get for their new Codex, but more about what (new) units you would like to see included for the next Eldar Codex.

Personally I believe that we can expect a Nightwing and/or Phoenix to be included in the Codex as the DE are kind of a precedence for it.

Interesting, but unlikely to happen could be Prism-Cannon and Pulse-Lasers on heavy weapon platforms.

As new units, I'd like some Jumppack-unit with two close combat blades or Wraithguard with a large dual-handed sword. Maybe something shooty with more than 18" range in case the current units won't get an upgrade, which is not very likely to happen.

Unlikely to be overtaken from FW to me seem the Shadow Spectres (I doubt GW could create satisfying plastic versions of 'em).

So what ideas, guessing or wishlisting do you have?