For I am the Griefbringer,
herald of misery and woe,
dark clad messenger,
neither friend nor foe.

I have crossed the frozen plains,
I have sailed the stormy seas,
I have climbed the highest mountains,
to bring the grimmest news.

Never I'm a welcome sight,
no man ever greets me,
when I ride on a lonesome night,
never to be free.

But I am just the harbinger,
travelling on my task,
never to be a foul liar,
only truth I tell you if you ask.

For I did not start these wars,
I did not wield the bloody blade,
and I did not start that flame
which set the world ablaze.

Yet I tell my unwanted stories
both to a commoner and a lord,
for in that doom and despair
one reaps what one has sown.