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Can you tell me how your story began? When was it that you knew there was something serious going on?

“Its hard to know where to begin. With so much going on its easy to forget things. My names Alli, I'm a Tactical police officer from Detroit. No family apart from brother but I aint seen him in years – I think he's in prison or somethin. When the first cases started I didn't think anything of it – I mean come on, did you? It wasn't till I found the girl that things changed

[indicates to a young Japanesse school girl sat over by the window. She is alert, eyes constantly scanning the horizon]

You know how I found her? Stood on the top of a people carrier with a mac 10 surrounded by Zeds. I'll never forget those eyes of hers – no sadness, no remorse, she pumping shell after shell into the Zeds like a vietnam vet on a shooting range. I got her out of there. Just. There were two people in the car with bullits through there heads. I'm guessing they were her parents.

I don't remember much about that first day. I threw her into my patrol car, grabbed, Titus, and we left. Thats how it all began”

Ukio, Titus, Ally

Hello all and welcome to a joint log between me and Jihad Ragsta in an effort to motivate each other as well as push each other in terms of skill. Over the next few months we'll be painting zombie hunts and zeds for your entertainment, as well as constructing a board which will all accumulate in a game sometime towards the end of the year. Jihad will get his lazy rear posting at some point, but for now heres my humble offerings.

Hasslefrees Suzi, Hamlet, and Ashlee (b). Suzi was a joy to paint, and based off baby dolls color scheme from the film Sucker Punch (and if you haven't seen the trailer for that, go do that now..) whilst Hamlet was a bit of a speed painting job based on an alternate scoobie gang I'm working on. Finally we have Ally who's paint job was a complete accident. Originally I intended for her to be a simple SWAT trooper, but after putting the first few coats of paint on I realised that she looked like the cops from Robocop Not entirely happy with her though so might have another crack at her at some point.

Next up on the painting block is Bubba and possibly Morgan again from Hasslefree.

We hope you'll enjoy this log and as always, comments and crits appreciated