"Space Marines get the Storm Raven"

I've been seeing this all around, everywhere, all the time and I just have to know. Why?

I don't play Blood Angels nor do I have an over abundant want to. I don't play Flesh Terrors or any of their successor Chapters. I don't play a custom chapter with the Blood Angel's Geneseed.

I play Codex: Space Marines.

And Orks and ect ect, but as far as Space Marines are concerned I play Blood Ravens, a vanilla Codex Marines army. Is everyone just assuming we'll get the StormRaven in some kind of update? Is everyone just assuming that, or am I missing something important?

I just find it annoying that for rumors such as Summer of Flyers people go "Well, the Marines get the Storm Raven." Uhm, unless there is something I don't know about, no, no we don't.