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Thread: Games Workshop gets on my nerves

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    Games Workshop gets on my nerves

    Hey guys. I wanted to talk a little about things that have been on my mind. Im hoping im not the only one feeling this way:

    so i bought SM models when i was in 6th grade, butchered them and sold them years later. but the fluff and lore always stuck with me and i found myself back in a hobby store to buy "just one box" and paint here and there. long story short, im now doing a Truescale fallen angel army. but all along, i noticed that the models are so much more expensive than they were when i was in 6th grade. i mean even then it was expensive. being in business school, i started noticing GW more and not so much the modeling stores. and my conclusion is theyre jerks. (i would use stronger language but i got warned earlier for avoiding the swear filter? lol my bad)

    GW doesnt care whatsoever about us. like not at all. their whole philosophy is structured around the monopoly they created and operate. they know that they are the main guys in the tabletop modeling game and that we kinda have no choice so they slowly RACHET UP PRICES. its not just that.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME a new model or army comes out, the rules are written for that model so it is better than the rest. so that player will win. then, after its not so new, it gets nerfed. im thinking of the blood angels death guard black guys. and of course those models cost more.why not? lets screw the consumer over as much as possible. i was on another site and some kid said he never played 40k but he stumbled on some tyranid lore that says this:

    "Behind the Hive Fleets lie the barren husks of a dozen galaxies already consumed.

    I think my imagination got stack overflow right now. How can you fight an enemy THIS powerful? Does the Imperium have any chance?"

    now lets be serious for a second. it is unrealistic that all armies are equal. that they are all soooooo BAD and scary that the imperium could collapse from their threat at any moment. is this realistic? no, but any kid like that one who reads it instantly gets drawn in. again allllll about the profits. im not mad guys, just annoyed. i mean im a capitaliast and love business but cmon, theres a line between profits and keeping your customers well being in mind. and they dont know what that even means any more.... realistic story line??? or pump up each and every race so that they are the absolute baddest?? well the latter of the two will make us more money.... so ya that one.

    just one college student's thoughts...

    what do you guys think? am i being unfair?
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