Hello all,

So I bought some tanks from the dollar store and was planning on nurglifying them up for my CSM. I figured this way I can destroy them however I want and I only paid a dollar (well $1.50) rather than the price of a Rhino.

The only thing is the dimensions are not quite correct.

A normal Rhino is approx.

3" wide
4 3/4" long
2" tall

the tank I bought is approx.

3" wide
5 3/4" long
1 1/2" tall

I plan on greenstuffing and plasticarding the tanks to get them as close to the same dimension as possible but the major thing is the length of the tanks and the looks. I won't be able to just cut off an inch (although I could try....) and the look will definitely not look like a normal Rhino since it is a different type of tank altogether.

What is the general understanding regarding things like this? Would you care? How close to the real thing must something be before someone calls shenanigans?

Any thoughts or opinions will help lots.


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