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    Craftworld Ynn'eal Tan

    --- About the Motivation ---
    A nice forum-companion has suggested me to make a blog about my army, as I had shown some heavy work-in-progress pictures in the general Eldar-vehicle-topic and seems they created interest.

    --- About the Pictures ---
    So I opened up this topic and I gotta say that I'm not only going to show my recent works and work-in-progress-projects (of which I have about 2 dozen), but first I wanna start with old pictures from like 1996, so don't be too rude with me about the painting quality of these old minis

    --- About the Craftworld ---
    When I started with the hobby, that was back in 2nd Edition and I still prefer many of the old miniatures a lot, so you might find some minis from 1987 in here... The painting scheme is heavily inspired by Biel-Tan and actually in the past I did paint Biel-Tan. Now I changed the rune of the Craftworld and combined it with the one from Ynnead to create a splinter-fleet from Biel-Tan, a child-Craftworld: Ynn'eal-Tan, the rise of Ynnead.
    I adopted a bit more white areas to be added to the overall dark green of Biel-Tan and increased the contrast of the green to get a transition from dark green to bright and saturated green which might resemble fresh grass and plants.
    About the Aspect-Warriors I have to say that unlike many modern Craftworld-painting-schemes, I prefer to stick to the classical approach that each Shrine and Aspect uses its own colours which all follow a more or less common pattern among that Aspect.

    --- Latest pictures ---

    --- Links ---
    To make it easier for ya to find all the pictures, here come a few links:
    Classic Farseer
    Classic Warlock
    Classic Rangers
    Classic Dark Reapers
    Classic Wraithlord
    Vyper Jetbike
    Farseer WIP
    Classic Fire Dragon
    Classic Fire Dragon Exarch
    Classic Fire Dragon Squad WIP
    Classic Dire Avenger Exarch
    Classic Dire Avenger Squad
    Wave Serpent WIP
    Hornets WIP
    Revenant Titan WIP 1
    Revenant Titan WIP 2
    Classic Harlequins WIP
    Scorpion WIP
    Pheonix Bomber WIP
    01-05-2012: Phantom Titan WIP
    01-05-2012: Dark Reaper WIP
    28-05-2012: Phantom Titan WIP built
    18-08-2012: Falcon undersides
    02-09-2012: Warp Spider
    30-09-2012: Revenant Titan Leg
    14-10-2012: Fire Dragon Squad
    27-10-2012: "the large thing"
    05-12-2012: "the even lager thing"
    11-12-2012: more of Marie-Sue, the Phantom Titan
    12-12-2012: Phantom Titan face
    16-12-2012: Phantom Titan head freehands
    22-12-2012: Phantom Titan inner shoulders
    04-01-2013: Phantom Titan head freehands finished
    10-01-2013: Phantom Titan upper body
    12-01-2013: Wraithseer in rust
    26-01-2013: Phantom Titan lower leg
    26-01-2013: Phantom Titan shoulder rune
    10-02-2013: Phantom Titan shoulder
    12-02-2013: Phantom Titan shoulder 2
    17-02-2013: Phantom Titan shoulders
    09-05-2013: Swooping Hawk concept
    12-05-2013: Phantom Titan feet parts
    15-05-2013: Phantom Titan leg rune #2
    29-05-2013: Lynx base coats
    30-05-2013: Hornets base coats
    01-07-2013: Finished Farseer
    01-07-2013: Revenant armour plates
    08-02-2014: Phantom Titan legs
    16-05-2014: Phantom Titan torso
    07-07-2014: Phantom Titan parts overview
    19-08-2014: Dark Reaper
    19-08-2014: Dark Reaper squad
    19-08-2014: Dark Reaper Exarch
    19-08-2014: Shrieker Jetbike

    --- The Pictures ---

    First I will start off with probably the first 2 Eldar miniatures I ever owned. Painted somewhat back in 1996 I guess, my Farseer:

    Pretty soon after that, I assume somewhere around 1996-1997, my Warlock:

    From somewhere around 1998, my Scouts:

    Probably 2000, my Dark Reapers:

    Comments & criticism always welcome, but flames may keep out please
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