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    Orcs and Goblins Rumours Mark IV

    This is the Mk.IV version of the O&G rumour thread. Please keep it civil and on topic.

    Last update: 02/08 2011

    The previous Mk.III thread is closed, but still visible. The current rumour roundup can be found here.

    Many thanks to those who brought us these rumours, especially Hastings. Also many thanks to Ney, for updating and fiddly bookkeeping in the Mk.II thread.

    Please note: the spider on the top on page xiii of the BRB is not the Aragnarok Spider, but a conversion based on a 3-up of the current spider rider mount.

    The current state of rumours:

    The new O&G book is confirmed for March 2011, see the GW Incoming! article.

    Pre-orders will be up at February the 9th. With releases the 5th and 19th of March. It is yet unclear what will be released when.

    According to Harry, "in 8th edition, and starting with Orcs and Goblins we can expect a whole different kind of army book. Obviously many of the same sections will be there but expect something a bit different." The army book is rumoured to be hardcover, and to be a good bit bigger than the current one.

    We get 3 new plastic sets and 3 new blisters:

    • Savage Orc Boyz
    • Savage Orc Boar Boys
    • the Aracharok Spider

    • Wurrzag on foot
    • Savage Orc Great shaman on boar - He is repudetedly standing on the boar and the boar is a metal version of the new boars with slightly bigger horns and some savage orc adornements (feather/bone)
    • a third blister of (yet) unknown content

    Quote Originally Posted by BramGaunt View Post
    Sneaky gitz: 12,50 € (clearly mentioned plural, so I guess 2 per blister)
    Wurrzag the Shaman: 15,00 €
    Savage Orc Mountd shaman: 17,50 €

    Savage orc boarboys: 19,50€ ( as regular boarboys)
    Savage orcs: 22,75€ (same as tyranid gargoyles)
    Arachnarok spider: 45,50€ (same as screaming bell)

    Armybook: 29,50€. All current armybooks are 22,75€. That's a 30% increase in price to a 50% increase in volume, + hardcover + full color. Very fair to me.
    Things we do not get:
    • Orcs do NOT get devestating charge (hastings).
    • Hobgoblins.
    • common forrest goblins (on foot).
    • Orc Idols and some huge cave beast (though we might hope Warhammer Forge may come up with something nice, eh? But nothing is in the pipelines just yet according to people that talked to them at Games Day UK)
    • Plastic Sguigs
    • Black Orc Boar Boys
    • Skirmishing giant spider riders
    • new common Goblins on foot and wolf
    • new Boyz on foot

    For a future wave release, there might be new common goblins and wolf riders in the pipeline.

    We keep all current special characters(that includes Grom in his chariot!) and get Wurzzag and two goblin special characters; both heroes, one of which is a forest goblin on a giant spider (aka cavalry base spider) for a total of 15 lord choices and 11 hero choices!

    We get a new model, the Arachnarok spider. It can be taken as a mount for a common goblin great shaman, or it can be a rare choice. As a rare choice it will have options for some warmachine thing or other special rule in that regard.

    Common goblins will get some sort of a unit upgrade. Hastings hinted at something that has two handweapons but is not an assasin.

    (Common) Goblin characters will be able to ride Giant and Gigantic spiders, so an all spider army should be viable (by Hastings).

    Also we may be getting another new unit besides the Arachnarok, though it is unclear what it is at the moment.

    In contrast to the GW article - were Ork Boyz are said to be not replaced - it seems that these three products are discontinued for the moment:

    Orc & Goblins Army Book
    Orc Warriors Regiment
    Orc & Goblins Batalion

    This makes sense for the book and the batalion; the Boyz could get a new box art.

    Courtesy to a little bird, we got:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darnok View Post
    Just something a little bird told me:

    Animosity is going to get a bit more complex. Units are supposed to infight and/or shoot/attack others. But the potential benefits are bigger as well.
    In general, the point costs are supposed to be lower.
    The Arachnork spider is going to be huge (just think of a beast being able to spit on the WHF buildings - from above!). The profile is based around the number 7... its biggest problem seems to be the goblin crew.
    Choppas give a strenght-bonus in the first round of a combat (wether charge or not). Every Ork weapon is a choppa now - spears, magical weapons... a BO would attack with +3S in the first round of combat, as an example.
    The number of magic items is going to be drastically reduced.
    Feral Orks on boars... think S5... potentially 4A... dangerous on the charge...
    Black Orks might get another attack on top of what hey have, and seem to be more dangerous than before.
    Most interesting: there are a few new units without models. When those will be released... no idea.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blutkind
    Bigger as the Screaming Bell
    Can be a mount for a shaman
    Can be a mount for a bolt thrower or a net launcher (this one reduces stats).
    Rare Choice

    Goblin Slittaz:
    Upgrade for normal Goblin units, but they are not hiding.
    WS 4
    A 3, Armourpiercing, ASF
    Looking like Ninjas

    Wurzzag on foot is coming definitely.
    Savage Orcs Boars 5 in one box
    Savage Orcs 10 in one box, but so much parts, that you can say you have 11.
    Quote Originally Posted by BramGaunt View Post
    General Orc boys could get a point more expensive, with a possible improvement in stats.
    Goblins could get a little cheaper.
    Choppa's indeed apply to any weapon.
    Trolls move from rare to special, while rivertrolls and stonetrolsl remain rare.
    Savage Orcs get a very fun option I will reveal when the pics of the miniatures are shown, though they speak for themselves... =)
    Oh, and there apperantly IS a kind of Squig fanatic. I still don't buy this one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Birdy
    1. The Araknarok can carry a rock lobber, a shaman or an icon that makes all orcs within 12 inches Stubborn
    2. It's the biggest FB monster kit they've ever made. It's bigger than the Stegadon or the Screaming Bell
    3. There's an option with the Savage Orcs to carry a stone axe so big that it takes two models to do so: that's why someone mentioned there are 11 Savage Orcs in the box...sort of. It's another figure that's specifically to help with the big axe.
    4. The battalion box wasn't mentioned in the meeting he went to: he said he thinks it might come in a sort of "third wave" of releases, a couple of months after the others.
    5. The rulebook's definately hardback. I can't remember if he said 112 pages or 120
    6. Boys box sets are going down to 15 models, for roughly the same price.
    7. Savage orc boar boys will be the same (money) price as the regular ones.
    8. He didn't know how much savage orcs would cost (still talking about money, not points) but he said they'd be priced to sell in large numbers. The example he gave was Greatswords: you don't have to field any in an Empire army, and if you do you tend to field 10 or 20. So GW don't sell many of them, so they're relatively expensive to make because they need to recoup the cost of the mould. Empire State Troops sell by the bucketload, so they cost less for 10. He reckons savage orcs will be the same price as State Troops.
    9. By being careful (i.e. using one as a shaman mount), it's possible to field 3 aranarok spiders in one army (??? weird. I guess they must be a lot of points?)
    10. The pre-orders will be up next week.
    Unknown source:

    Quote Originally Posted by a18no View Post
    - full color and harcover book
    - Big spider, on base 100mm*150mm (OUCH), 290pts, T6, 8W, 4+ save, catapult and shaman upgrade
    - Boar rider 16pts naked, savage 18pts
    - New boar rider models (???)
    - No more than 10 magic item, seem to be cheesy (like the Da warpath rumor, both seem to agree)
    - 7 spells per lore
    - catapult 85pts
    - Doom diver 80pts
    - Common Troll 35pts (strange, don't follow the other rumor...)
    Courtesy to Da Warpath:


    Araknarok will cost 45€.

    She's bigger than a stegadon ! M : 7, S : 5, W : 8, A : 6, .

    Rules : (guide des bâtiments, des décors), immune to psychology, poisonned attacks, (surcharge de venin = venom overload ?), fear causing, may carry a catapult (no missfire) cost : 290 points.

    Giant cost 200 points. May have warpaint cost 20 points for a ward save 6+.

    Wurzhag is out of again.

    Gorbad loose 2 attacks.

    Small Waaagh! If a chaman cast a spell succesfully then, he can steal one dice in the dispel dices pool of his ennemy (5-6 on a six sided dice) and add this dice to his power dices ! (not very clearly said... blink.gif )

    Black Orcs +1 in strenght.

    Common Orcs +1 point.

    Goblins have their spears for free!

    Cavalry units cost less!

    Only eight magical objects left... very expensive and very :cheese:

    Just an addendum :

    Common trolls : special choice, cost 35 points.

    River and stone troll : rare choice, cost 45 points.

    Boar Boyz, (savage) are the only cavalery in da game, that could wield two choppas !

    You have things to add, but want to stay anonymous? I am just a PM away.
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