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    Woodelf magic items and other...


    one is worth of X points and giwes terror. It s called terror smth and is fond of frightening lonely trawelers, the sprite with the worst charekter who brings frightrned men todeathtraps, while they are ruhhing from terror.
    all other sprites are X points and are different missles. Some of them can pick out a charakter in aunit e.t.c.

    Elwes may hawe up to 1 sprite per heroe, Treemanlord\dryadheroe any number points allow.
    you may not have duplicate sprites in your army.

    Sprites are spirits of the fofest. They are capricious creatures easy to anger and can help a human to leawe the forest or bring him to his doom in a marsh or somewhere else. They look like little balls of energy, but cah take shapr of a little elf, owl, frog or a strange

    Sprites are very territorial creatures. Sprites live under hills or theeroutes, Loren is full of them. Sometimes sprites liwe in gnarled Treemen or dryada and ewen accompany elves they like. All those are host-homes for sprtes, so they stealall that lies bad and bring it to their hosts. They defend hosts like homes and attak anyone who approches to their host or dwelling, if they consider them dangerous.

    Soon more news
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