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    Empire Knightly Orders

    Some people might remember that on the old Portent forum I was collecting a long list of Empire knightly orders mentioned in the official background. Well, I managed to recover some of those texts, so time to re-start the thread.

    Notice: I am not going to document on this thread any orders mentioned in unofficial context, if someone is really interested in them he can start a new thread himself.

    For the boring starters, I will give here a list of sources used on gathering this information:

    1.) Enemy within: Shadows over Bogenhafen
    2.) Enemy within: City of Chaos
    3.) Warhammer armies (WFB 3rd edition army book)
    4.) White Dwarf, issues 146 and 147 (Empire fluff and army list)
    5.) WHFB Empire army book, 4th edition
    6.) WHFB Empire army book, 6th edition
    7.) Zavant (Black Library publication by Gordon Rennie)
    8.) Apocrypha 2 (Hogshead Publishing)
    9.) Doomstones 3: Heart of Chaos (Hogshead Publishing)
    10.) Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne (Hogshead Publishing version only)
    11.) Hammers of Ulric (Black Library publication by Dan Abnett)
    12.) Crusade Empire army list, Citadel journal, issue 43
    13.) WHFB Vampire Counts army book, 5th edition
    14.) Corrupting Influences - the Best of Warpstone, Hogshead Publishing
    15.) Citadel Journal, issue Autumn 1985 (pages 15-16)
    16.) Religion in the Old World, WD 279
    17.) Warcry Collectible Card Game, Sabertooth games
    18.) Dolgan Invasion article, WD269
    19.) Empire Collectors Guide
    20.) Vengeance of the Vampire, WD243
    21.) Kislev army list, Warhammer Chronicles 2004 (and WD 288)
    22.) Article on Solland Runefang, WD289
    23.) Cult of Ulric army list, Warhammer Chronicles 2004 (also published in WD)
    24.) The Sigmarites article, WD 304
    25.) Empire knightly orders article, WD 310
    26.) Sigmar's Heirs
    27.) Terror in Talabheim
    28.) Witchhunter's Handbook
    29.) Liber Chaotica: Tzeench
    30.) White Dwarf 91
    31.) Warhammer Online, Nordland overview (
    32.) Demigryph knights, White Dwarf 389, pages 54-57
    33.) WHFB Empire army book, 7th edition
    34.) WHFB Empire army book, 8th edition
    35.) The End Times: Glottkin
    36.) The Claws of Chaos (Black Library novel by Gav Thorpe)
    37.) Empire at War (Black Library)
    38.) Warhammer rulebook, 8th edition
    39.) Olde Weirdes Incunabulum, WD291, pages 82-87
    40.) The End Times: Nagash

    The Citadel Journal articles are also available on web as follows:
    -Knights of the Cleansing Flame:
    -Crusade Empire army list:

    Feel free to comment and inform about missing orders or sources.

    Following threads will list knightly orders in alphabetical order - I will split them into multiple posts, so it is easier to add more text later on.
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