Hey all this thread is pretty straight foward, as i am very bored at work today i was thinking of thread ideas to make the day pass by and then i though hey lets make this one lol. okay now for my questions, answer as many as you would like,

What is the best and worst of warhammer both fluff and game wise in these catagories.

Best/ worst

Edition of warhammer?

Army book?

All round army?

Special Character?

Lord and hero choice?

Core units?

Special units?

Rare units?

Unit of knights? ( both fluff and game wise)


Specialist game? (eg mordheim, blood bowl, necromunda)

OOP model?

And last, what is the single most useless over priced unit in the game of warhammer?

Thanks in advance i cant wait to see what you think as i am yet to play a game of 8th i waana see what you all think?