So I’m dusting off my woodies for a few upcoming tourneys (I know glutton for punishment). I kept these blogs over at the battleglad, which has been sadly dead for some time now…. (RIP) so I decided to move them over here and then keep pluggin away.

Turns out you need a bucket load of treekin these days and I probably shouldn’t use my old Golgfags ogre unit for the back rank in a tourney. Mine are custiom made so more wire twisting has been happening of late. I also need some more banners and I’ve been working on my display board. I appoligize if you've seen this stuff already, but I wanted to move the blog over here to keep it together. After I “archive” the photos and notes from my old blog I’ll be adding in the new stuff.

Here is a tournament setup from a few years ago with base (Stag Rider Lord List)