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    Re: 40K Daycare?

    last Thursday 40k night I popped by my local GW to see what was up
    now, Toronto is the biggest metropolitan city in Canada and the second biggest inland city in north america second to chicago

    this GW is the main store in the city so far as I can tell, save for one tiny store in the east end in a mall

    no word of a lie, there were probably 10-20 kids who appeared between the ages of 9-13 hovering around a table NOISY AS HELL

    where one single red shirt (on a 40k night? really? holy understaffed) shouting to get attention, worked his ass off to attend to all the kids crowding around the table as well as the various other patrons, poor guy.

    still, he was doing a great job - somebody get him a purity seal.

    I was peeping at the BA codex, some parents walked in casually and sat down at the paint table, just chatting until the kids were done, however long that was supposed to be
    how long they were there in the first place I do not know lol

    although to be completely honest, in my however brief and occasional visits I find the odd older gamer to be 10x as loud and 10000000x more obnoxious
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