Anybody else just not afraid of the Grey Knights at all? I've been to my FLGS, I've read the codex. The +2 invul saves everywhere, power weapons galore. None of it scares me that much. Oh no, OP abilities! Let's not forget that these are spells children, most armies have some form of pschic defense and then there is always the chance that they will fail. I know my Eldar buddy is confident. Wraithnaughtifex? Everything is so over hyped and OTT.

I play Chaos and Nids. As for Chaos, IDC who you are. One fish two fish blue fish red fish. Blue marine red marine wolfy marine silver marine. A STR 8 AP 3 large blast is a STR 8 AP 3 large blast is a STR 8 AP 3 large blast. I almost wish I played IG just to lol all over the new color of marine. How about the Possessed Vindicator twins that I always take? I'm even willing to give them an edge by using a Chaos Dreadnought. No Lash? Poor baby, I rarely use it anyway. I'm used to being "underpowered." Bring it on.

As for my Tyranids, enjoy drowning and killing my cheap, endless swarms. My Tyranid warriors will prove (as always) that having Boneswords and Lashwhips is better than any marine. Yes deepstrike please! I have some outflanking genestealers that are hungry? No? Then say hi to my Trygons and Tyrant.

I see all of the cute new abilities. I'm also sick of all the raging over GK, it's like Dark Eldar all over again. At the end it's still toughness 4 with a 3+ save. As for the termy troop choices? My Lesser Daemons and Gaunts don't care whether that save is 2+ armor or 2+ invul. Yes, servo skull. Yes, plasma siphon. Shut your mouth and adapt to it, like we do with every new release. I'm ready for the challenge. Are you?