I just got a box set of pistoleers and of coarse this comes with outrider parts. I donít have enough horses or bodies to make all of them, but I was thinking I could use the out rider guns if I used the bodies of swordsmen.

Now, this would make them infantry, but what I was thinking was that I would put each of them on scenic cavalry bases which would fit into a movement tray in the shape of a steam powered wagon. There would be a unit fill in the shape of a steam engine. My musician could play a pipe-organ or similarly giant instrument.

I guess my question would be, would you have a problem with this concept? And what would be the best shape to make the base? There will be 8 members of the unit. I was thinking that 2x4 or upping the number of members by 1 and going 3 x3. I want to have to reform the least number of times.