As many of us are veterans of at least 3 editions, if not more we have all played the various missions and scenarios white dwarf, the citadel journal, codices and supplements have laid out before us many times over. I have to wonder which is your favourite?

I will always have a soft spot for the 'Assassination' mission from the old Codex: Assassins.

The attacker has half the points and a nerfed FoC (2x E, FA and HS, 4x T, no HQs) plus an assassin against a defender who has full points and a slightly bigger FoC (6x troops)

The idea being the attacker must assassinate the enemies most expensive HQ choice before the end of the game. Playing as the underdog attacker is highly rewarding as you try to include as all-round force as you can to fight the numerically superior defender in an effort to stop him defeating the assassin.

Played with highly elite armies it was never any fun because the assassins were rubbish compared to Phoenix Lords, Captains and Daemon Princes but play with weaker HQ armies like Guard and Tau and it becomes a great game.