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Thread: Tau 5th ed Predictions and rumours

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    Tau 5th ed Predictions and rumours

    I was in firestorm in cardiff talking to the man who runs the place. And he told me the tau blister have been taken off the website. I checked and they were still there. But I am well aware there is the GW website and there is the list of what they supply to independent retailer. Now this usually imply s there is about 6-9 mouths before the new codex is launched. The question is what are we as Tau player likely to get in the next codex. I’m not talking wish listing im talking about trends that have happened in other codex and how they could carry on to the next tau codex, as well as any rumours
    from some at least some what credible sources.

    I am personality betting on a character that makes xv8 scoring a good 80%. as all other codex have
    someone who douse similar.
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