I've been toying with the idea for a while of creating an army to represent Sigmar at the time of his unification of the early Empire. I planned to start with Sigmar as an Exalted hero and as time progress's make to a Chaos lord. however I must also consider what units would people consider being unacceptable from the warriors of chaos list?
I would intend to not use Forsaken, Ogres, Dragon Ogres and Trolls. furthermore i would remove Dragon Shaggth, Chaos Spawn and Giant from acceptable options.
As to the regiments i leave to choose from justification would be nessecary; Maurders and their Horsemen seem self obvious as the general tribesmen of Sigmars united force. Warriors are Sigmars Ubergons in Dwarf-made-plate and Chaos knights and Chariot would again be Sigmars chosen men on horse in Dwarf-made-plate. Chosen i wanted to put a slight spin on and have as modified dwarven Hammers sent from King Ironnbeard.
When it comes to Hellcannons and warshrine I'm a little unsure as to what to do. I was tempted to convert a great cannon such as the Bombass created by the Turkish empires such as the ones used at the seige of Constantinople (modern Istanbull) however i would be unsure how to match such a cannon with the demonic rampage and bound deamon rules? so does anyone ahve suggestions or should i keep this as meerly a show peice rather than an actual army unit.
with warshrines I've always kinda of liked the idea but been unsure how to go about it, until i ironicly saw a street preacher in Afghanistan. I'm now tempted to create a palaquin with a few preists of Ulric on exhorting the forces of Sigmar on? what do people think of this or Am i jsut trying toabuse the list and spirt of game with such an idea to get War Shrines into my list?

any further suggestions or comments/advice on this project would be nice. Also anyone got few good suggestions for a convesion basis to make sigmar?