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Thread: Compilation of KoW Army lists and rules

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    Compilation of KoW Army lists and rules

    Known latest version is in red

    2012 v3 Rules with 4 small army lists

    Official 2012 Army Lists
    Abyssal Dwarf
    Kingdoms of men
    Twilight Kin

    Unofficial lists
    Ratmen (by mattjgilbert) - v1.4
    Lizardmen (by mattjgilbert) - v2.0
    Warriors of Chaos (by slartibartfast and mattjgilbert) - v2.2
    Mercenary Companies (by SotF) - v2
    Human "Kislev" list (by AlexHolker) - v2.0
    Daemons (by MalusCalibur) - v1.0
    Daemons (by pierowmaniac) - v1.01
    Halflings (by Mark Robertson)
    War of the Ring: Mordor and Alliance armies for Kings of War (by darkPrince010) - v1.0
    Human Arabian (by darkPrince010) - v1.1
    Empire of the Sands (Tomb Kings) (by Jorgen_CAB) - v1.2
    3rd Age army list for the Sauron faction (LotR) (by The Dog)
    Beastmen (by Chaotic) - v2.0
    Clockwork Tech army (by malladin.ben) - v1.0


    Other Lists
    (the start of a "bestiary" of other models for your games)
    Monsters list (by imm0rtal reaper) v1.1
    Bestiary and Dogs of War lists (by AlexHolker)
    American Civil War (and zombies) (by pangloss666)
    The Elements of Harmony: A My Little Pony army list for Kings of War (by scarletsquig)

    Alternate game versions
    Siege rules (by AlexHolker) - v0.2
    Kings Of War Historical Ancient Combat (by Neldoreth)
    - Romans v0.1 (by Riquende)
    Historical Army Lists for KoW 1600BC to 1700AD v1.0 (by Lachlan)
    Gold Fever (by Jason Evans)
    - New Characters - War Pitdog Handler and Fire Mage
    - The Ironcaster's Workshop
    The Star-Struck City: Mordheim for KoW (by darkPrince010) - v1.6

    Gaming aids
    Reference sheet - v2.0
    v3.0 Reference sheet (by The Dog)
    Battlescribe - KoW list builder
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