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Thread: Old (6th?) starter box contents?

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    Question Old (6th?) starter box contents?

    So I got my hands on an old starter box (I should get it this weekend) and I'm not sure what is in it.

    It's the one that had empire vs orcs (at the time I was big into 40k and didn't care about it) and I'm wondering what's going to come with it.

    From some blurry pictures and my even more blurry brain it seems to have arrer boys, boyz with 2 choppas, an orc on a boar, spearmen, hand gunners, and a knight.

    Does anyone know if I'm missing something? Did any terrain come with it?

    From the picture it almost looks like a chariot comes with it too but from what I remember I didn't think it came with one...


    The curiosity is killing me


    Found something

    38 Empire soldiers
    1 Empire cannon
    1 Empire general
    1 Orc warboss
    35 Orc warriors
    1 Orc War Chariot
    1 ruined building
    3 weapon templates
    8 assorted dice
    2 range rulers

    So cool, it does come with a chariot
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