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Well, we'll see in January at the latest.

There's been a bit of direct leakage at GW Germany, which I thought I should share. At the present, Brets are scheduled to be released between November and January, though there appear to be some kinks in the system they have to work out, hence the span of three months. No further details as of yet, as ony the release schedule has so far made its way out. (Although only the Lady knows how many last-minute screw ups could postpone that still further... we've seen it before! )
There has been talk about several plastic kits, though I am wary of that, as GW has sometimes developed plastic kits that were withdrawn at the last minute (a Dwarf character set was scrapped, and two of the concept minis - a dwarf king on oathstone and a BSB - were released in metal instead). I'm hearing two at least, but well... big surprise there, as every new army book has come with at least two new plastic sets in th recent past.

Would anybody know if the timing is significant in any way? I'm guessing it will have some effect that we are being published after the release of Storm of Magic.

And guys... let's keep the "yeah, sure, reliable source" jokes down to a minimum, please. This is the good stuff, rumour-wise.
Not a lot to go on other than a time frame, although going by past experience I'd have guessed it would be either November or January - nothing much tends to get released in December after all...