My Inquisitors warband, for 40k and for inquisitor, is inspired by the backgrounds my friend Alan wrote for me a few years ago, that were hosted on Pangoolean Saloon. As they no longer seem to be on there, I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or ideas for how to expand my characters.

The basic premise is this. The three key members of my warband form a "diabolical trinity", assuming roles similar to devil, antichrist and false prophet respectively. The role of the devil is taken by a powerful unalligned daemon, bound to a host body by its own will and who desires to become the new god of humanity. The daemon started life as a psychic resovior billions of years ago in another galaxy, and slowly gained sentience as its race died out and their conciousness joined with it.

The messiah type role is filled by a character I call flagg, based on Steven King's character Randall Flagg from "Eye of the dragon", "the stand" and "the dark tower series". Essentially, I wanted this character to be similar to the Vampire, the requiems Longinus, a man who was cursed by god and forced to wander all eternity, essentially the wandering Jew or the ancient mariner. Instead of seeking pennance for his sins, he has thrown his lot in with a daemon that seeks to become the new god of humanity in hope of overthrowing his curse. He carries the lance of longinus and has a few telepathic powers. His real strength lies in his age, in the thousands of years he has wandered he has served countless masters and has made many allies over the years.

The false prophet role is filled by my inquisitor, who has gone renegade after 20 years as an inquisitor, and has legged it to the other side of the galaxy before his reputation could follow him, where he generaly puts the fear of god into the locals while persuing his real aims without interferance. His reasons for doing this are essentially along the lines of "If the emperor is good, who do bad things happen to good people" and "The emperor is a dick, someone else could do a better job"

The overall aim of the diabolical trinity is to kill the emperor and syphon off his psychic power into the daemon, so it can grow massively powerful and become a god. They are also looking for a host body for the daemon, something through which it can become permanently manifest. (Think soemthing like the cloned Rei's from Neon Genesis Evangellion)

The bit I'm having trouble with is the creation of 12 dark apostles. I figure that 3 people arent going to be able to put the smackdown on the imperium, so I turned again to the bible for inspiration and took the idea of the deciples following the prophet. I want each deciple to be very unique. The Ideas I've had so far are:

1: Ex storm trooper specialising in covert operations. Lost his faith after a botched attempt on the life of a mutant terrorist leader. Daughter was killed by the imperium after he quit. believes daemon can bring daughter back to life. (partially based on Max Payne)

2: Guardsman from an army raised in the 37th millenium to carve out an empire for a deviant cardnial. Army destroyed by Tarellian invasion, guardsman jumped into life pod and launched into warp. Had soul joined to a daemon, but not completely. Daemon able to become manefest for short periods of time but guardsmans will is dominant. (based on idea of "Twinners" from Steven King's "Black House"

3: Eldar ranger sent back in time to stop the host body the inquisitor is looking for falling to slaaneshi cultists, creating the avatar of slaanesh.

4: An imperial bounty hunter who rose to the top of a criminal empire, to watch it all fall down to cultists (Based on Armadeo Kintero from The Shield)

5: A posessed human called legion. He is posessed by 17 spirits (based on the 17 angels from Neon Genesis Evangellion).

6: A half man, half beast mutant who seeks equal rights in the imperium (Think Hank Macoy from the X-Men)

And thats where I'm stuck, I cant think of any more character ideas, and I need another 6. Can anyone out there come up with some decent ideas or character concepts I could explore?