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Thread: Help creating weird/wacky D&D magic items?

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    Help creating weird/wacky D&D magic items?

    Hi, I'm starting on a list of 'weird and wacky' D&D magic items too ... make the players day strange.

    Input is appreciated and ideas for new items is also very welcome!

    Ring of Jane (cursed)
    Item description: A simple copper band (ring).

    Item effect: While wearing this ring the wearer has 4 ranks in Craft: Weave and Craft: Knitting as well as the skill focus feats in both of these (these ranks and skill focus feats do not stack if the character already has them at this value or higher). In addition the character has a +2 competency bonus to concentration checks.

    Cursed section (players, or at least their characters, do not get to know this part - yet):

    You can also converse to Jane…except that the ‘can’ is somewhat of a lie as it implies that there is a choice in the matter; you always talk to Jane and she is in your dreams too. Jane does not distract you in any way or prevent you from sleeping – your character is able to flawlessly multi-task while talking to Jane and is doing it all of the time (this is what gives you the +2 competency bonus to concentration checks). Jane only ever talks about the small fishing town she grew up in and while you can talk to her she never seems to hear what you are saying and replies with offhand comments that lead back to talking about her gossip. All of the stories about this fishing town are outrageous and no one in their right mind would believe even a small part of it. You, however, believe every single one and you love it. In addition, your character may be tempted to tell his friends about the gossip - but he is not forced to do so).

    Once you have put the ring on you cannot take it off until you kill an innocent woman called Jane in a fishing village or town (but not a city), at which point the ring will no longer function. Any person called Jane in such a place will do provided they are a woman and live there. Viewing such a womans death will also end the affect of the ring (by, say, your party mates who have had enough of you babbling about Janes gossip).

    Item (market) value: No one wants your ring.

    Cloak of confidence (cursed)
    Item description: A thick cloth cloak that looks like it will fit perfectly and is your favorite colour.

    Item effect: Everyone likes the look of this cloak and you will sometimes receive complements about it from NPCs you interact with. If you wear this cloak for a day it will start to whisper encouragements to you, sing you to sleep at night and tell you it loves you whenever you need to hear it most.
    While wearing this cloak you receive +2cha, +2 will save and you love yourself slightly more.
    Once you put it on you also get to know: It is slightly harder for people to convince you that things are your fault or that you are wrong and you tend a little more towards selfish. NPCs may also express interest in buying, trading or stealing the cloak from the wearer.

    Cursed section (players, or at least their characters, do not get to know this part - yet):

    Once you have worn this cloak for a day your character grows fond of it. It requires a DC10 will save to take it off and a DC15 will save to leave it behind. In addition, if you are ever not wearing the cloak glowing words appear on the inside of the cloak – these words are explosive runes and will destroy the cloak if read (once it loves a master, it would rather die than be taken by another!). These explosive runes also go off if the wearer of this cloak dies.

    Item (market) value: This item can only be sold if it is not activated (worn for a day). The cloak does not like to be sold and emits a faint yet soul-crushing aura that prevents a merchant from ever buying this item for more than 250g – despite the enchantments it contains being of far higher value and its wondrous appearance.
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