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    "Clear the Way!!!" - Imperial Guard Log

    My past
    Ive been in the hobby for some years now and as any hobbyist enthusiasm has come and gone through time but ive always enjoyed it.

    Why Imperial Guard?
    I have always loved the look and feel of the imperial guard and nothing helps more than the fact that you can relate these troops, to the troops of today.

    Why Elysian Models?
    These are the most modern looking troops in the imperial guard range and that is exactly what I want.

    How to paint them?
    From the beginning I wanted them fighting in the desert which can give me a very warm looking army. These models are to wear more appropriate camouflage than what is usually showed by games workshop

    I wrote my own background for my army, which can be found Here . I think things like this really do add that bit more depth to an army that makes it go from your models to your force.

    So what you have all been waiting for, the models
    I intend to start by building a 1500pt first then expand with models that I want. Here’s my first batch

    Own Painted

    Company Command in Chimera
    Psyker Squad in Chimera
    Platoon Command
    Infantry Squad in Chimera
    Infantry Squad in Chimera
    Special Weapons team
    Veteran Squad in Chimera

    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    Leman Russ Battle Tank

    Edit: As you can see I have now finished everything that i intended to when i started the log but it doesnt mean its over. Up next:

    2 Thunderbolts
    3 Arvus Light fighters
    25 Stormtroopers

    Platoon Command

    Infantry Squad Blue team

    Infantry Squad Orange team

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