My mind is a general cluter so I have decided that rather than focus on a single force as my brain shuts down when I do, I am just going to paint what I feel like painting at the time. This means that I may actually get more painted.

With this in mind, I also realise that encouragment is nice. This is why I am creating a single thread dedicated to whatever model I am working on at the current time.

Some models may take months to finish, some may never get finished, but if I do get some finished then I will have achieved what I have set out to do.

So rambling on aside, here are some pictures of what I am working on:

First off, some custom 40K bases I am working on for my Grey Knights

My Forgeworld Avatar WIP

My Truscale Space Wolves

Lastly because i'm pleased I have actually finished something this year and we are only half way through May