This is for an 'achievements' tournament next month. It's a slightly silly list, but hopefully fun to play - and will definately make a change from my normal (balanced) dwarf lists.

Bugman (155)
Thane, BSB, MRO Challenge, RO Brotherhood, Shield, RO Stone (142)
44 Longbeard Rangers, GW, FC (641)
46 Rangers, GW, FC (531)
10 Quarellers, GW (130)

Deployment: Sit the Quarellers on a hill somewhere. They're only there to make up the minimum 3 units really. Then watch the enemy deploy their army.
Both characters scout with the Longbeards. Where my units go would depend on the enemy, but ideally deploy both Hordes away from their nastiest unit, so I can munch through their weaker / support units for a turn or two.
On the first turn, force the enemy to charge using MRO Challenge. So I'm getting stuck straight into combat on turn one, and hopefully my 92 Dwarves last longer than the enemy formations!
My main worry is lack of magic defence. I have my innate +2 to dispel rolls, but thats it. I could take a defensive runesmith to sit with the quarellers, but it's removing more bodies from the combat blocks and I want them to stay above the magic 30 bodies as long as possible.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Seem like it would make for 3 fun games? (BTW, I have no idea who I'll be facing!)