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    Storm of Magic pt2


    As there isn't an existing open thread, and given this is the next fantasy release, I thought it prudent to open a thread based upon the expansion and it's corresponding releases, apologies if this is somewhat pre-emptive.

    We know from the gw website and the previous thread that we are expecting at least two new monsters, awesomely powerful spells, and new terrain. Given we are now rather close to release, I wonder if now we can discuss fresh rumours pertaining to the nature of these.

    Here's a summary of the contents of this thread thus far. When something is confirmed by someone like Hastings, Harry, Frgt10, Bram et al I will turn it bold.

    Jim kicked things off telling us

    The back page of White Dwark this month confirms SoM for next month.
    June WD goes on sale 25th June.
    New piece of artwork as well I think...

    Poncho160 attached this image of the back-cover

    CaliforniaGamer wrote
    A few months ago some of the bigger GW retail shops had an event where they had "Legendary Formations" things such as having 50+ black orcs in 1 unit gave them some additional ability...etc.
    I have never seen that before for WFB, ever.
    Can we now assume that was a stealth preview for SoM?

    eldargal wrote
    I heard there was a new Everqueen model coming with SoM, possibly riding some kind of beastie. I've had another source confirm there is an Everqueen sculpt ready but was unsure if it is going to be released with SOM

    Orcboy_Phil wrote (though there is some fear the staffer heard this from on here)
    Bucket of salt time, but according to a local blue shirt there are going to be a ton of monsters realeased with this. I heard something on the lines of pretty much one for each army as well as missing beastmen ones (of course these could just be rerelases of existing monsters in finecast rather than total new sculpts). I heard that that resident monster expert (Trish???) had been working on monsters for the last 2 years for this release. Once again it could just be there spec and take it with a large bucket of salt.

    Sinzaren wrote
    From what I've picked up here and there it is going to be pretty similar in some ways to apocalypse. There will be big monsters which could be used for most armies, there will also be formations i.e. a Nuln cannon battery, Flight of Elven Dragons etc. which get extra bonuses just like Apoc, with extra cost for the formation. I also heard but am not too sure about Wizards being able to group together and cast bigger spells (which will come in the rules) a sort of sorcerers coven casting maga-magic.

    shabbadoo wrote
    Here is a tidbit I heard, and don't know if it has been posted anywhere yet or not:
    GW will be releasing small boxed sets of individual plastic models. The allusion was that these will cover a variety of models(mostly focusing on Lords/Heroes of course), and this may very include releases for Storm of Magic; namely wizards/mages/sorcerers/whatevers. The info is more than a bit vague, but it sounds like the models will be simple enough that all of the pieces for them fit on a single small sprue frame, and as such they will be very similar to the Lords/Heroes in the WFB Starter Set. These may have a few more pieces, and so have a slightly greater degree of detail, range of motion, or even a few options(I can only guess as to this last bit). See the WFB starter set Skaven and High Elf Lords/Heroes for examples of what the minimum will be.
    This will be a simple and very efficient way for GW to put quite few plastic Lords/Heroes rather quickly(i.e. they can fit 6-8 of these small sprues on a single large sprue tree and inject them all in one go), and I don't think it would be much of a stretch to assume that they will be doing the same for 40K HQs too.
    I guess we'll see if anybody can corroborate this now.

    Drakenfels wrote

    Evening chaps, I was in a GW store last week.....a place recently promoted to the championship and supposedly "POSH", and i was going to buy myself a Elvish dragon, after talking to the boot-camped black shirt, he gave me a sly wink and said " Why not wait a while, i know if i wanted one, which i do, i might wait and see what is on the horizen"...
    with that , he gave me another wink....i just hope he was not making a play for me...anyways, are there any rumours about the release of a plastic dragon, i know with the Fantocalypse realease we might expect a new kit or two, anyone else heard about this ?

    Asensur pointed out a rumoured reference to the storm of magic within the FW chaos dwarves list
    The chaos dwarfs' sorcerer lord can mount a Lamassu, and the book says to search for Lamassu rules in Storm of Magic specifically.

    There are also two teaser images of miniatures on the GW website


    Makaber wrote
    I have it on decent authority there will be a Ghorgon at least.

    HASTINGS agreed, but not for this release. ‘There is indeed a cygor/gorgon kit coming, but not afaik for storm of magic.’ He added it isn't too far away either!

    undeadgoblin helpfully summarised the old thread

    If you can't log in, the article is about the new magic expansion for WFB, coming out this july.

    Incoming: Storm of Magic

    Storm of Magic - when the eight winds howl...

    The Winds of Magic are tumultuous. Drawn by Morrslieb, they are prone to rise from a strong gale into a howling tempest. And when they do no kingdom or realm is safe.

    Monsters awaken from their slumber and are summoned from their lairs at the bidding of sorcerous masters. Armies assemble, ready to defend their borders or seize the opportunity to gain limitless power. It is in these desperate times tenuous pacts between wizards and creatures of darkness are sealed to create alliances never thought possible.

    A time of doom and great deeds is at hand. Will you rise to meet the storm?

    Announcing the impending arrival of Storm of Magic, the latest and largest Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles. Launched in July 2011, Storm of Magic describes what happens when great eldritch maelstroms roil across the lands. Magic becomes far more powerful and there is a whole range of Cataclysm spells to cast, unleashing untold devastation on the enemy. Arcane Fulcrums burst from the ground, not only acting as loci for the swirling energies that pervade a battle fought amidst the Storm of Magic, but changing the way a Warhammer tabletop looks and interacts with your armies. With such things so crucial to your Storm of Magic games a new range of Warhammer scenery and Wizards will soon be released in time for you to wage cataclysmic battles.

    Then there are the monsters. When the Winds of Magic blow with such strength, the fell creatures of the world gravitate towards the tempest, slithering from deep tunnels or emerging from mountain lairs.

    With the new Expansion allowing you to use so many different creatures there are a whole host of new monstrous plastic kits on their way. Citadel's queen of creatures, Trish Morrison, has spent the last few years in her own lair preparing for the new monsters to be unleashed upon the world and you can see two brief glimpses of what is to come below:

    July is still a few months away; we are in the calm before the storm so now is the time to prepare. Bolster your forces, prepare your regiments and summon your wizards in time for the ultimate war. Keep checking White Dwarf and the website for updates, for when the storm hits nowhere will be safe!
    Ps. A most humble thank you to Darnok for the edit!

    16/04 Update:

    - we get a new expansion for WFB that focuses on magic and monsters
    - this is not limited to WD
    - this is not a specific campaign or new rules system, but a build-on to the core WFB rules
    - we get new wizard models
    - we get new monster models
    - we get new scenery


    - this is in scale Apocalypse for WFB
    - according to Harry the pics may be of a Black Dragon and Manticore
    - others have suggested that the first monster may be an Abyssal Terror
    - they may in fact both be spell related creatures (as e.g. Transformation of Kadon)
    - we get generic monsters
    - we get many new wizards
    - we may get resin models
    - the new scenery is magical (i.e. magical structures/magical effects/something utterly new)
    - there is a new rumour of a new Nagash model

    UndeadGoblin also gave us the following original rumours

    Information from a friend with an advance copy of the ruleset:

    - Magic Re-adjusted "alot"
    - 9th type of magic
    -No level 5 wizards - Tomb King only thing
    - releases spread out over a few months

    6/6/11 UPDATE

    Some cryptic stuff here, some very open things too...

    Frgt/10 wrote
    no one's even bothered to mention the new vampire counts beastie yet either

    in reply to if said beast was resin? nope, plastic
    usable in ‘generic’ unded army? yes. well at least one part of it to my knowledge...

    In addition, he wrote
    evidently the part where I said 'new' beastie went over everyones heads...

    He added more detail in the Vampire thread, adding - there are some vc monsters coming for SoC
    something old and something new...

    Hastings wrote in the Vamp thread -
    there is indeed a new de sorceress

    Harry wrote in reply to El Antiguo Guardián

    I heard someting about armies that not anyone can imagine in SoM.
    I can imagine a fair bit.

    This I have heard .... and have been banging on about "some old friends" on every new army thread that appears for months now.

    Not long to wait now.

    All we be revealed.

    Can't believe no one picked up on the chicken stuff from the first thread

    El Antiguo Guardián wrote in the Vampire army thread started by
    Well, i´m going to start with some one´s.
    There are new miniatures for Necromances (not sure), and a flying monster (undead one), possibly an Abbysal TERROR (WELL, IT´S AN ABBYSAL TERROR!) But i don´t know if it have a rider.

    Harry later wrote in reply to Zaonite

    I have heard about the DE Lady Hastings has mentioned, the Necromancer El A G has mentioned and a couple of god specific Chaos sorcerers some Empire wizards, I think we are getting quite a few magic user types one way and another ... and a Lord or two maybe not something for everyone as was rumoured and I have not heard about Nagash or the Everqueen ... but a nice selection.
    However I have not heard details for as many models as I have been told are coming ..... But I am wondering if (given the recent Fine Carsed release) a number of the wizards will be discontinued metal being Fine Carsed up rather than all new sculpts we have not seen before.

    Still I am mostly excited about a big fat juicy book.I am sure it will get me modeling and painting all kinds of magical, monstery goodness.

    In reply to this (specifically about wizards being finecasted), Hastings wrote

    Yes............. AFAIK (and maybe not just wizards!)

    Hastings later wrote in reply to Ender Shadowkin mentioning Fenbeasts

    To help things along pretty much if it's a creature if some sort it's in the SoM book (though not necessarily getting a "new" mini)


    Erazmus_M_Wattle wrote
    Plastic kits, as I have heard it. The manticore and dragons come with multiple rider options. Awesome.

    anselminus wrote
    preorders on the 16th

    Hastings wrote.
    I just want to point out to any that have misunderstood, there aren't any large VC specific releases for SoM, these are later this year as part of a wave of VC minis. There's also a wave of Beastman minis, and then of course Oct-OGRE not a bad year for Fantasy IMO.

    Oh and the dark coloured face from the teaser that people are saying is the black dragon or the abyssal terror I think you'll find is simply one of the Chimera heads (check out the tusk things coming out from the corners of the mouth - now look at the orangey type lion(ish) head it has them too - hint )

    FRGT10 wrote
    Originally Posted by 75hastings69
    I just want to point out to any that have misunderstood, there aren't any large VC specific releases for SoM, these are later this year as part of a wave of VC minis.
    interesting, this differs from what I heard.
    things could have changed i guess (or i just got bad info )

    Posted by anselminus
    yes black box come next tuesday so pre order will come 1 day later
    black boxes no longer exist. June was the last one (from what i was told)

    wrote in reply to a post by Erazmus_M_Wattle

    I am not talking about individuals. I have talked about old friends every time a 'new race', 'new army' has been mentioned because I am expecting some old races, old monsters to return. Not as a new army but as some sort of allied contingent option. Anyone who played 2nd or 3rd edition will know what I am talking about. It makes perfect sense if you are talking about 'Apocalypse' size 'uge battles as well as mates can slap their combine armies of Dwarves , Elves and men on the table (bollox to the points) and have at the bad guys.


    Folks who are trying to guess which specific friends I am talking about are really missing the point.
    I am talking about the return of lots of old friends. Think of it as a Warhammer reunion.

    In a bumper post, Bram Gaunt wrote

    Oh, now that everybody posts, I might as well spill my guts.. I intended to wait another week, but ah, swell...

    Storm of Magic will be a full-colour hardcover book, about half the thikness of the Core Rulebook, and at the price of, well, apoximatly one Leman Russ Battletank.
    It's due for release the second saturday of July. Previews start the saturday befor.

    There will be a multitude of kits and gimmicks to acompany them.

    Plastic Boxed Sets are:

    Chaos Lord on Manticore
    Dark Elven Lord on Black Dragon

    Both Kits are the same price as a similar High Elven Ridden Monster.

    The saddle, Rider and (in case of the Dragon) the armour are completly optional.

    There is also a Kit labeled
    and one labeled
    which are the same price as a 10 man Space Marines Squad.

    There are also some Clampack releases:
    Chaos Supreme Sorcerer
    Supreme Sorcerer of Tzeentch
    Vampirecounts Necromancer
    Dark Elven High Sorceress

    I don't know what these are made of. Since they are clampacked I guessed Finecast, but the price of, ah, well, lets say it in GBP: It's a one-digit-point-something Price lable.
    Quiet affordable if it was finecast, but since hasitings said plastic sorceres... well... do the math.

    Of course there is a whole bunch of playthings and gimmics aswell, like Vortex Templates (Like the Dark Eldar Wayportal template, only bigger), Dice, Battle Magic Cards (which apearently come in a cool box of sime Lost Arc style... with skulls of course...) and Focus Points (4 different ones).

    Which brings us to rules.

    Storm of Magic is for any Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army. It supports you with a alternative of Deployment, Magic and Army composition rules.

    Game mechanics
    While you place terrain, you deploy Magil Focus points. Think of these as landmarks inhibited with strong magics, like towers, magical stairs, Columns of Fire, or what ever. Each army starts with a designated number of Focus points, it depends of the scale of the game. 1 per army per 1000 points is, what I was told, suggested in the book.
    You may place 1 Wizard including a mount on top of the Focus point, and one guarding unit within a limited space - enough to place about 30 standard base-sized miniatures, I was told. The rest of your army is deployed as usual.

    The game is all about dominating these points, which grant great boni to your wizard while he stands atop of them. The Magic Phase is strongly buffed with 4D6 Power dice. In addition, you determine the ascending wind of magic at the beginning of each magic phase. (It's done randomly by some sort of tool, don't ask me what it is, I don't know, but apperantly it's not a dice.) Army book Lores are associated with Army book rules, for example if the Lore of Light is the Ascendand Lore this turn, High Magic is Ascended aswell (I don't know if High Lore is really associated with Lore of Light - it's simply a example of my understanding of the mechanics).

    The Ascended magic gains a +4 bonus on attempts to cast their spells. You cannot change the Ascendend in any way, though it's determined new in every magic phase.

    There is also a bunch of new spells which appearently give you the possibility not only to summon Monsters loke the Cockatrice, but also whole units from other armies. I personally didn't by this one. It was a long evening with a LOT of beer.

    Bram later wrote
    No clue. As far as I know there are Spells only accesable via items or controlling a focus point. The Rulebook Lores remain untouched, though they might get boosted...

    Hastings wrote in reply to Bram’s bumper post

    Plastic MOUNTED sorceress, the foot one is finecast

    A mastercrafterd post good sir, with only to my knowledge 2 exclusions....

    1. Arcane fulcrum scenery piece (a ruined floor with a magical vortex - of plastic - swirling upwards which you can place your wizard on top of.

    2. The "garden of morr" scenery piece, basically a new fantasy graveyard - although I'm not 100% sure that this won't be held back until the VC wave later in the year.

    Bram later wrote in reply to another poster mentioning the rumour of the Graveyard
    Ah, no. At least not for the initial wave... Or it's not a designated SoM release. It's not in my books anyway. There is no scenery at all, since I count the focus points as needed. while scenery is optional. There are four different Focus points, though, maybe you meant them. One's a throne, one's a gate, one's a stairway and ones a... magic-thingy-column. They come two for a space marine tac squad.

    Bram wrote in reply to Poncho
    It's like Apocalypse. In many ways.
    In reply to Tuatha Dar

    The sets are labeled Chaos Lord on Manticore, and Dark Elf Highborn on Black Dragon. I don't think there are additional riders. It might be possible that the other Sorcerers to be released are compatible with the kits, though.

    Thats your lot for now, I'd expect more news to reveal itself when the june wave of tomb kings goes on sale.

    Edit 9/6/11
    We have a LOT of news, thanks guys.


    Characters: Attachment 112273
    DE Black Dragon and Cockatrice: Attachment 112221
    Scenery: Attachment 112218
    Group shot: Attachment 112220
    Templates, dice and magic cards: Attachment 112219
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