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Thread: Kings of War for Battlescribe (free army building software)

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    Kings of War and Warpath for Battlescribe

    Battlescribe is a free army building program (available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android) that uses open-source data files and allows users to easily create and edit them without the need for any programming knowledge.

    I've created files for all the current official Kings of War armies, tested them for bugs over on the mantic fanatics forum and they are now 100% perfect.

    Here's a quick screenshot to show how awesome it is:

    How to get started:

    - Download the latest version of Battlescribe from:
    - Open "Roster Editor" once you've installed it.
    - Click on the "Data Repositories" button in Roster Editor, copy + paste the link below, click add, and then select it and click update.
    If successful, Battlescribe will download all the files from the repository, along with applying updates to existing files if a newer version exists on the server.

    The latest version of Battlescribe also checks for new updates to files whenever it loads, so once you've set it up, that's it! No more work needed, whenever I make an update or add a new army list, Battlescribe will automatically download it for you.


    I will be personally updating and maintaining all of the files, and new army lists and updates to existing ones will go live probably at some point within 48 hours of mantic publishing them. I'll post in this thread whenever a new update is live.

    I won't be doing the fan lists, as there are too many to keep track of, too many different versions, too many updates to them, etc. I will be adding Warpath and it's lists as soon as they go live.

    Also, if anything doesn't work, try updating your version of battlescribe first, then if that still doesn't fix the problem, post in this thread.

    If you find any errors with the files, post in this thread and I'll fix them.

    Current status: KoW 2.0 Lists completed. Warpath 1.0 Lists completed.

    Next update (likely to be December 2011) will be to complete the optional rules descriptions and rework the twilight kin character layout, along with fixing any errors that get pointed out.

    Disclaimer: Mantic's army lists and rules are already free to download and distribute. This project simply converts them into a format that can be read by the battlescribe software.
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    If you play any of Mantic's games, check out my Battlescribe project for KoW and Warpath.

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