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    Kisanis's Blog-o-matic

    Good Day all!

    Due to my FAR too many things going on, I'm finding the motivation to paint is quite small. Long story short is I work lots, but am quitting and going back to school in September, Time to play and paint has been steadily dwindling over the last few years as life gets more real, and less... teenager-esque. To keep myself motivated I've finally decided to start a Plog of my progress and on the go projects.

    What you will find here:

    FANTASY! - Skaven, Orcs & Goblins, High Elves, Bretonnians, and perhaps other random things.

    40k! - Orks, Imperial Guard, and Perhaps Sisters of Battle/Random other 40k painting that perks my interest (conversions, and random models... a la my celestine, etc...)

    Terrain - I have some half started, and must finish it and make more!

    Historical - Just recently got into 28mm historical (RoE is the rules I'm playing with) and am going to post progress of my Canadian Infantry on Here.

    So without further Adieu; I bring you my current state of affairs!

    Workstation! (Apologies to my roommate, I take up space...)

    So thats it for now. I'll try and keep this updated once a week minimum. Seeing as I went and bought a new Camera for just such this reason... I have to do it now! Encouragement/criticism is always welcome. Even if I don't have new painted stuff to add in, I'll upload other random stuff related to it (older painted models, project ideas, etc...)
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