It's been a while since I posted on Warseer but I've been lurking in the meantime. Thought I'd share some photos of my latest (and last, for the time being - need to actually paint some of my collection after this) Eldar conversion project.

It's a superheavy transport called the Pegasus, inspired by a small image of a large Eldar vehicle visible in a bit of artwork of the Lugganath Craftworld in the 5th ed rulebook:

Underside concept:


Anti-grav vanes WIP:

I'm resigned to making the anti-grav vanes rather than re-using Falcon/Wave Serpent ones, since the outline of the wings is too different to make it work. Can anyone recommend a custom laser-cutting service I could use to get the vanes cut? I'll then glue them in place by hand. I just don't fancy cutting dozens and dozens of them by hand from 2mm plasticard....

The main hull and troop compartment (this has since been shortened, but is still ~8x larger than that of a Falcon, so theoretically could transport up to 50 troops - I'll probably take this down to a more reasonable 40 or thereabouts when I get around to finalising the rules):

Rear view:

And yeah, I know the Storm Serpent fulfills a similar role, but my only objectives here really were to scratchbuild something really big and to make the vehicle in the artwork come to life.

The fluff I'm toying around with is that it was originally (waaay back in the Eldar's heyday) a civilian transport or some kind of heavy lifter, that has now, since the Fall, become used as a military transport. It will have beefed-up Wave Serpent force-field rules. No idea about weaponry besides the standard twin-linked shuriken catapults (or where any other weapons will go at this point).

Many more pictures and notes are on my site -

Comments welcome!