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Thread: REDEATH's Kabal of the RED DEATH log

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    REDEATH's Kabal of the RED DEATH log

    ***UPDATED 1/01/2018*** Found ALL my old pics and added them to the Google Pics album and updated (Added Back) the Photos from this Project and my Death Guard and Khorne Daemonkin logs

    Here is the NEW link to my complete Kabal of the RED DEATH Plog Pictures Album in Google Photos 85 Pictures and counting...

    This is the first post for my log. My current list uses both the duke and the baron in it. The first pics I will post this weekend are of my baron far he is coming out great as I have just finished the heavy converting but I now have to assemble him (magnetize torso to legs and legs to skyboard then attach his arms) I think most will not be disappointed.

    After the Baron I will work on my magnetized Talos, then the Duke, venoms, raiders, ravagers, Truborn, Hellions and Beastmster with razorwing flocks, Bloodbrides, and lastly Warriors.

    I have already started magnetising my set of Scourges just to see if I could do it....I will post some pics of that this weekend too with my Baron pics
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