yeah but my tendancey is to think up and start a lot of cool things and never see them fully completed...BUT I am trying to complete ALL my Death Guard stuff by the end of 2011...right now I am getting side tracked tonight to assemble the Death Guard Havocs I added to my Ard Boyz list....and I have enough old classic nurgle CSM Renegade models to also convert up my Death Guard Chosen squad for that list too. I have a 1850pt tourney coming up August 28th that I need the Havocs for that list so I am going to do them up starting tonight. And then I was thinking about resuming work on the defiler OR just finishing up Typhus and the Daemon Prince once and for all because I have to get stuff painted for that tourney since it is scoreble. I have till September 19th for the Ard Boyz Semi Finals to work on the Chosen.