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Thread: MOMUS has jungle fever!

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    MOMUS has jungle fever!

    Welcome to my Lizardmen army plog!

    I have always loved lizardmen since when they first appeared (reworked) way back in an old WD. I read every bit of fluff i could find and ever since have always kept up to date with each race as the editions rolled by, even though only usually playing 40k.
    With 8th im hooked all over again, several members of my local club have started fantasy armies and ive decided to join them by creating a southlands list.

    Heres a plog that inspires me to paint better

    This lot cost me ~40 +postage on ebay.

    From left to right
    Three unopened boxes of 10 oop skinks, bag of shields, 5 camo skinks, 37 oop skinks, 2 skink baves, 1 kroxigor, 1 slann (no palanquin), 1 priest, box containing 20 oop skinks, 6 skink standard bearers, 20 oop skinks, jungle swarms, 3 terradons with riders, 1 skink chief, 5 skinks drummers, 3 horned ones with riders. Phew!

    Some close ups

    The horned ones will be counts as salamanders, the terradons need a bit of stripping.

    Standard bearers and drummers

    Krox, slann and swarms. I am going to make a primitive palaquin using a rock for the slann, he is missing an arm which may mean i do some green stuff to him.

    Camo skinks, priest, braves and my chief. He is hands down my favourite model in the army so far.

    Lots of skinks all ranked up, bless their cuteness.

    Death to the dryskins!
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    Knowing MOMUS I would guess something dirty and/or depraved.
    Or conning you into making a giant-sized Slann.
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    That was pretty epic, MOMUS.

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